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For us, ecology is not a fad, composting, the in-house manufacture of cleaning products, energy saving and local purchases are part of our daily lives. We think it's important to take care of what surrounds us and encourage local businesses.

Breakfast is an opportunity for us to introduce you to the region. Home-made products and local and / or organic products are in the spotlight: homemade yogurt, regional cheeses, edible flowers from the garden or even fair trade coffee roasted in the region.


The soaps and shampoos offered at the cottage are made by Savonnerie Chevre-Feuille de La Baie. A family business in the region specializing in the manufacture of goat's milk soaps and pure vegetable oils.


In winter, the house is mainly heated using wood, a renewable energy source, making the "mass fireplace" a centerpiece of the house. In summer, heat pumps keep the house cool.

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